ARC R12 1/10 Touring Car Kit - Aluminium Chassis

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We started the R12 1/10th scale competition TC project with 3 main objectives: maximize mechanical traction, increase transmission efficiency and lower the overall center of gravity. After a long term research, development and testing, the R12 is now finally ready for the market.

Here, we introduce the R12's main features:

- New long front and rear suspension arms improve overall traction and corner speed with 2 different shock mounting position.

- New narrow lightweight suspension blocks for the long suspension arm mounting improve overall traction and corner speed.

- New 2-piece mirrored upper deck with independent front and rear flex adjustment.

- New front, middle and diff pulleys provide a centralized transmission system, increasing stability and handling of the R12.

- Locating the rear belt down the centre line helps to reduce chassis tweak.

- Optional 3,5mm wide belt is available for ultimate durability even when running most powerful modified motors.

- New designed middle pulley and spur adaptor simplifies spur replacement by removing only 3 screws.

- New R12 design features a mono-block motor bulkhead allowing multiple front and rear flex settings.

- It also features integrated belt tensioning to reduce belt skip and increasing drive train longevity.

- New upper bulkhead camber link mounts enables simple adjustment of camber link height and length via the use of shims.

- 2 different shock height positions are available on the R12 now.

- The standard position utilizes the upper hole on the suspension arm, while the optional lower shock tower brings lower center of gravity.

- Redisigned Bulkheads also feature lowered anti-roll bar mounting points in keeping with the lower center of gravity philosophy of the R12.

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