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Team Zombie 21.5T PRO stock motor

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Is all about the details


Team Zombie is introducing the all new stock motor to the RC industry, we collect data from our team drivers especially from Colin Jackson the BRCA 2018 13.5 blinky champion, knowing the top of the class stock motor is still lacking some areas and enhance by doing lots of on/off track testing with different combinations and figured out the formula.

Our all new balanced rotor minimize the vibration to its finest matching the latest short stack design to a point just can meet ROAR/BRCA/EFRA rule's lowest IR requirement but the INSANE model is the motor to outlaw these rules.

WHY buy another rotor for racing as this motor already equipped with our high torque rotor for small to medium tracks which most of the tracks are suitable and a top speed rotor as an option.



Special cooling motor case design to match our hollow fan duct design

Hand wound copper wiring to achieve the lowest IR

Aluminum long screws to reduce interference of the magnet to produce higher rpm

High precision ball bearings

1.9mm thick ABC connector

Short stack 

Balanced rotor

Shim to the finest fitment

Light weight

High temperature magnet 

Sensor unit with special design aluminum mount


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BD9 Aluminum Main Chassis

BD9 Aluminum Main Chassis

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