Team Zombie Hollow Evo 40 HV Fan

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Ordinary fan can only provide efficient cooling to a flat surface while we make the air flow following the shape of the motor and force the wind to get in the motor to achieve the maximum cooling, ordinary fan can only generates about 2 gram around on a motor shape but we can generate 12 gram+ wind force. 

This is the #1 release with our logo on top, for such complicated design and angles to deal with, the injection mold is done by the true professonal.

  • magnet affecting free
  • 40mm high speed fan
  • ball bearing construction
  • reverse polarity protection
  • 14.8g in weight
  • 6-8.4v compatible
  • JST plug extension cord

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Team Zombie Hollow Evo 40 HV Fan

Team Zombie Hollow Evo 40 HV Fan

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