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Chevalier Trace capacitor - ACUVANCE OP-15063

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This is the first capacitor device in the "Chevalier" series, which has a reputation for its high efficiency and high power characteristics.
TRACE also inherits the greatest features of the same series, "large capacity" and "low resistance". By inserting this product into the empty port of the receiver, the power supply capability from the receiver to the servo, gyro, etc. will be improved.
* No soldering work is required when mounting on the vehicle.

This product is an initial model developed for the same purpose as "TRACE BECTOR" in the same series. It is an entry model with more reasonable pricing than "BECTOR".

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Chevalier Trace capacitor - ACUVANCE OP-15063

Chevalier Trace capacitor - ACUVANCE OP-15063

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