Reve D Aluminum Adjustable Servo Horn (25T, SE Processing)

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Aluminum adjustable servo horn is now available with SE (Shiny Edge) specifications!

The split-type servo horn is lightweight and highly rigid, and the distance from the center of the servo horn to the rod end ball can be adjusted steplessly from 19mm to 23mm with just one screw. You can instantly adjust the lever ratio according to the servo speed and counter timing.

SE (shiny edge) processing is applied to each edge of the 2 separate bodies, it makes Significantly improved luxury looks The lineup includes two types of serrations, 25T (for servos such as FUTABA and Rêve D) and 23T (for servos such as SANWA and KO) so that you can choose according to the servo manufacturer you are using.

Try the aluminum adjustable servo horn (SE specification) that adds a sense of quality to the performance that enables sharp handling and optimal setting!

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Reve D Aluminum Adjustable Servo Horn (25T, SE Processing)

Reve D Aluminum Adjustable Servo Horn (25T, SE Processing)

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