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Reve D RDX EZ Type Wheel Hub 5.0mm

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Aluminum EZ type wheel hub that can be attached to the rear axle of RDX.

Compared to the plastic rear hub that comes standard with the kit, the use of aluminum improves the accuracy, and by combining it with the Φ6.0mm axle used in the RDX, it effectively suppresses core shake and allows for smooth rotation.

In addition, by holding down the pin that fixes the hub with an O-ring, it stabilizes the rotation and prevents the pin from coming off when the wheel is attached or detached. It also reduces stresses when changing wheels.

Two types are available: 5.0mm and 7.0mm.

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Reve D RDX EZ Type Wheel Hub 5.0mm

Reve D RDX EZ Type Wheel Hub 5.0mm

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