Reve D RDX Alu. Front Knuckle (2pcs)

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Aluminum front knuckle for RDX!

The lightweight and highly rigid aluminum front knuckle greatly improves the precision around the front, which is important in RC drift, and produces an overwhelming rolling feeling. The mounting position of the upper and lower arms is the same as the RDX genuine, so you can experience the best performance just by installing it without any troublesome settings. (Separate spacer required only for the steering tie rod)

In order to reduce the weight increase due to aluminum, it has a sharp shape that aims to reduce waste as much as possible while maintaining rigidity, and SE (shiny edge) processing on each edge improves the sense of luxury. increase.

Try the aluminum front knuckle that greatly improves steering accuracy and luxury!

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Reve D RDX Alu. Front Knuckle (2pcs)

Reve D RDX Alu. Front Knuckle (2pcs)

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