ToolkitRC M7AC LiPo 1-6S 15A Charger AC/DC

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The M7AC is a charger with a variety of different functions such as balance charging and discharging. However, it can be used precisely as a signal measuring device or directly as a signal source in terms of PWM, PPM and SBUS signals.


  • Up to 300W charging power and maximum 15A charging current
  • Max. 300W discharge power
  • Multifunction device
    • Charger
    • Meter for voltage, resistance, PWM/PPM/SBUS signals
    • Playback of PWM/PPM/SBUS signals
    • Multilingual user interface including voice output
  • Upgradeable via USB
  • Various security controls

Technical Specifications:

Input Voltage: AC 100-240V, max. 100W
DC 7-35V, max. 20A
Charge Power: 0.1-15A, 300W
Discharge Power: 0.1-15A, 300W (Rec/Ext. Mode)
0.1-3A, 15W (Intern. Mode)
Charging Accuracy: <0.005V
USB A: 5.0V, 10W (or Upgrade)
Balance Current: 800mA, 4.2V
Cells LiPo/LiFe/LiIon/LiHV 1-6S
Cells: NiMH/NiCd 1-16S
Pb Battery Voltage: 1-10S
Voltage: 1.0V-5.0V, 1-6S
Display: LCD, IPS 2.4'' 320x240px
TF Card: Supports 128MB to 16GB
Dimensions: 112x73x38mm
Weight: 245g

Measurement & Output:

Measurement PWM 880us-2200us, 20-400hz
PPM 880us-2200us x8 CH, 20-50hz
SBUS 880us-2200us x16 CH, 20-100hz
Output PWM 500us-2500us, 20-1000hz
PPM 880us-2200us x8 CH, 50hz
SBUS 880us-2200us x16 CH, 74hz
Power 0.5-15A, 1-28V, Modus: CC+CV


1x M7AC Charger
1x Power cable
1x USB cable
1x Display protection
1x Manual

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ToolkitRC M7AC LiPo 1-6S 15A Charger AC/DC

ToolkitRC M7AC LiPo 1-6S 15A Charger AC/DC

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