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AGILE 10.5T Luxon motor black - ACUVANCE

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● Equipped with [AVS], the industry's first revolutionary system that realizes forced air cooling inside the motor.

An innovative structure that approaches [direct cooling to the heat source] using a dedicated FAN installed in the end bell.
Air holes are designed at various locations inside the motor to maximize the air cooling effect.
It is highly effective in reducing various negative factors caused by motor heat generation (minimum sensor signal delay, increase in coil resistance, rotor damage, etc.).

In addition, the dedicated fan can be attached or detached to suit the vehicle mounting space and driving environment.
Furthermore, our new brushless ESC [ XARVIS XX] is equipped with two FAN-dedicated terminals.
Even when used with the XARVIS series dedicated cooling fan [ REY-Storm ], it fully demonstrates its original air cooling performance.

● [Vibration Reduce] structure equipped with a plate with high heat dissipation properties

We focused on internal vibrations that occur when driving a motor and also affect rotational efficiency.
A highly rigid special alloy plate is mounted on the top side inside the housing. AGILE
's well-proven porous structure is added to the plate, which boasts high heat dissipation properties , and it also serves as a high-quality accent that makes use of the fearless and sharp body design.

● Equipped with [Direct Power Terminal System]

The power plate that connects the motor connector and the coil has an integrated structure (an industry first).
In addition to reducing vibration, power transmission performance has been dramatically improved.
In addition to omitting the connector installation process, we also eliminate solder contacts that cause electrical resistance.

● Adopts a neodymium magnet that boasts the highest heat resistance properties in its class.

Adopts a neodymium magnet with the highest heat resistance.
Combined with the aforementioned [AVS] and high heat dissipation characteristic plate, the heat resistance of the entire motor has been significantly strengthened.

● Reduced motor weight

As attention is focused on reducing the weight of machines, we have achieved a significant weight reduction of 12g (compared to our AGILE, without Endbell FAN) while achieving a vibration-proof structure.
Even when a fan is installed, a weight reduction of 6g has been achieved.

● AGILE inherits the world's first MFCS as an RC motor.

Inherited AGILE's [MFCS], which allows only the magnetic force to be changed without changing the rotor diameter (volume/weight) and allows conversion to a torque type/rotary type motor.
Even when replacing with the optional rotor (scheduled to be released at a later date), we have achieved rotation and torque performance that is faithful to the driver's operation without compromising the motor balance.While taking advantage of the
original performance of the motor, we are able to accommodate changes in output characteristics such as throttle feeling. You can enjoy it.

● Compatible with XARVIS XX FLEDGE/AGILE dedicated program

Compatible with the program "Torque Level/Torque End Mode" installed in our brushless ESC [XARVIS XX].
This is a program exclusively for this product and AGILE users that allows you to vary the motor torque level depending on the road surface condition and vehicle.

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AGILE 10.5T Luxon motor black - ACUVANCE

AGILE 10.5T Luxon motor black - ACUVANCE

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