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S-Bus V2 adapter 4PM/7px/10px Xarvis/Xarvis XX - ACUVANCE OP-15127

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XARVIS XX / RAD / XARVIS and telemetry communication such as motor rotation speed and detaild ESC setting with Futaba compatible transmitters [10PX, 7PX, 7PXR, 4PM].

* The basic functions are the same as the conventional S.BUS adapter (OP-15067) and SBM-1 attached to Futaba ESC / MC970CR, MC971CR.
* The cable on the LINK terminal side that connects to the ESC is removable. By replacing it with our RX cable, you can change the length according to the layout of the car body. (The LINK side cable of this product is 100 mm)
* The transmitter does not have a function to save ESC setting data.
By using TAOⅢ together, you can save and manage setting data and use various preset data.

* In order to use the latest functions, it may be necessary to update the ESC, this product, transmitter, and receiver.
(Click here for how to update XARVIS)
(Click here for how to update the XARVIS XX and S.BUS link adapter (this product))
(Refer to the Futaba website for how to update the transmitter)
* The Futaba receiver [R334SBS / R334SBS-E] cannot use the telemetry function during the T-FHSS SR system.
When using the telemetry function, switch to the T-FHSS system.
* S.BUS is an original communication standard developed by Futaba Corporation.
* When changing the settings or performing telemetry communication with the transmitter, switch the setting mode of the ESC main unit to the following mode.
[XARVIS: Program card mode (see page 10 of the instruction manual)]
[XARVIS XX: LINK mode (see P.10 of the instruction manual)]
In any ESC, the standby LED red is lit or blinking (other LEDs are also lit depending on the setting state) in the above mode.
(The changed setting mode is remembered even if the ESC power is turned off.)
If the setting mode is not switched, an error will occur when communicating with the transmitter and setting changes and telemetry communication will not be possible.
Also, be sure to use the above mode while driving.

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S-Bus V2 adapter 4PM/7px/10px Xarvis/Xarvis XX - ACUVANCE OP-15127

S-Bus V2 adapter 4PM/7px/10px Xarvis/Xarvis XX - ACUVANCE OP-15127

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